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Air Max Day Sofa by Crosby Studios

Crosby Studios designs virtual sofa upholstered with green Nike jackets

Bright Nike puffer jackets form cushions on this augmented reality sofa that Crosby Studios created for people to experience while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The Air Max Day Sofa imagines dozens of "digitally upcycled" Nike puffer jackets collaged together to form a circular sectional. The cushions use various shades of bright green and are decorated with the sportswear company's white swoosh logo and "Just Do It" tagline.

Air Max Day Sofa by Crosby Studios

The studio, which is lead by designer Harry Nuriev, plans to release a custom Instagram Augmented Reality (AR) filter to allow users to digitally insert and try out the Air Max Day Sofa inside their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We created this digital sofa to make design accessible for everyone, encouraging everyone to stay home, but still be able to experience design," Crosby Studios said on its Instagram.

Air Max Day Sofa by Crosby Studios

"With this design, Nuriev hopes to encourage social connection while remaining physically distant, negating the reclusive attitude associated with social distancing," it added.

Crosby Studios designed the virtually constructed couch to coincide with the annual celebration of Nike's Air Max 1 shoe, which was first released on 26 March 1987.

The New York studio said it modelled the furniture on the layout of a conference room. Visuals of the design show the sofa curving around a large circular mesh table.

Four identical neon green tables that attach to arms fixed into the furniture piece.

Air Max Day Sofa by Crosby Studios

An array of pillows made from the jacket material and Air Max shoes are scattered across the piece along with several thick white plastic zippers, another nod to Nike's insulated jackets.

Crosby Studios was founded by Nuriev in Moscow in 2014, and is now based in New York.

Its other furniture designs include a plastic sofa stuffed with discarded Balenciaga clothes and several custom pieces used to decorate his purple New York apartment.