Virtual Design Festival

Future Sense by DesignAgenda for VDF x Ventura Projects

DesignAgenda explores the role of designers in creating a sustainable future

DesignAgenda is exploring the role of design in creating a sustainability society as part of Future Sense, which it is exhibiting for VDF x Ventura Projects.

Exhibitor: DesignAgenda by FHNW Academy of Art and Design
Project title: Future Sense

FHNW Academy of Art and Design is a university in Münchenstein, Switzerland with a commitment to sustainable development.

The school has recently launched an initiative called DesignAgenda that explores the relationship between design and sustainability. As part of the VDF x Ventura Project collaboration, DesignAgenda will introduce its Future Sense exhibition.

Future Sense raises awareness of the exploitation of nature, inequalities of pluralistic societies, and investigates the responsibility of design in the discourse on sustainability.

Projects range from investigations into our relationship to nature, materiality, and nutrition, through to studies on the value of waste, consumption cycles, and upcycling.

Main image is by Rafael Kouto, thumbnail is by Nadia Lanfranchi.

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