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Paesaggio con figure by Passaro Edizioni for VDF x Ventura Projects

Paesaggio con figure is an eco-friendly toy by Passaro Edizioni

Passaro Edizioni has designed a sustainable toy called Paesaggio con figure, which it is presenting for the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Exhibitor: Passaro Edizioni
Project title: Paesaggio con figure

Passaro Edizioni is a part of the Italian design studio Vittorio Passaro.

Paesaggio con figure is its latest project, an educational toy for children made using only sustainable materials, which it is introducing for VDF x Ventura Projects.

It comprises a series of paper and wooden figures, described by Passaro Edizioni as "open letters". The intention is for children to move the pieces around, construct a scene and tell a story.

Passaro Edizioni's goal for the project was to create an educational children's game that challenged the use of unsustainable materials from which they are typically made.

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