The Fine Lines terrazzo tile collection by Giovanni Barbieri

VDF products fair: Italian designer Giovanni Barbieri has launched The Fine Lines, a collection of custom-made terrazzo tiles.

The collection by Vicenza-based Barbieri is custom-made from Venetian terrazzo – a composite material made of pieces of stone set in cement. The tiles are hand-produced one at a time "like they used to be centuries ago," according to the designer.

The tiles feature larger pieces of marble hand-inlaid in a style known as Palladiana. This creates what the brand describes as a "no-pattern effect".

The Fine Lines contains three tile designs, which can be combined to create unlimited arrangements.

"The Fine Lines has been created by Giovanni Barbieri based on simple but important characteristic: creating an easy-to-install, intricate and unique, non-repetitive aesthetic," explained the brand.

Product: The Fine Lines
Brand: Giovanni Barbieri
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The fine lines tile collection by Giovanni Barbieri
The fine lines tile collection by Giovanni Barbieri