Squar tile collection by Giovanni Barbieri

Squar tile collection by Giovanni Barbieri

Dezeen Showroom: the Squar tile collection by Italian designer Giovanni Barbieri features three-dimensional elements to bring a relief-effect to walls.

The tiles, by Vicenza-based Barbieri, offers varied and textured surfaces made up of a mixture of regular, squared shapes and random, fragmented forms.

By combining flat surfaces with raised ones, Barbieri aims to offer a "contemporary art performance" within a tile collection.

Available in three different sizes and an array of colours, the tiles can be arranged differently in their flat and three-dimensional forms to offer an endless amount of configurations, customised to the buyer's own taste.

"The Squar collection aims to give designers a budget-friendly way of creating artistic installations, which progress from flat and square to irregular relief using a single product," said Barbieri.

The tiles are produced in engineered marble, natural stone, clay and high-performance concrete for use on floors.

Product: Squar tile collection
Brand: Giovanni Barbieri
Designer: Giovanni Barbieri
Contact address: info@giovannibarbieri.com

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