Virtual Design Festival

Hola Studio 3D-printed lamps for VDF x Ventura Projects

Hola Studio creates playful plastic lamps using 3D printing

Hola Studio is introducing three 3D-printed lamps at VDF's collaboration with Ventura Projects that are designed to be playful and emotive.

Exhibitor: Hola Studio
Project title: Queen, Rhea, Ombra

Hola Studio is a young design practice that specialises in 3D printing lamps and adopts "an emotional design approach".

The studio is presenting three of its latest designs, named Queen, Rhea and Ombra, for the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Each lamp has been designed by Hola to be emotionally engaging. For example, Ombra changes colour upon touch, and Rhea is customisable. They are also printed on demand to reduce overproduction and waste.

The studio's goal is to establish an "emotional affection between the user and the used object" and in turn encourage people to rethink patterns of consumerism.

Photography is by Anna Giulia Gregori.

Email: [email protected]

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