Virtual Design Festival

VDF products fair launches with new Modus furniture

British furniture brand Modus showcases new chairs and sofas at VDF products fair

British brand Modus has unveiled five new products at Virtual Design Festival's products fair, which launched today, including seating collections by Kenneth Grange, PearsonLloyd and Terri Pecora.

The brand also unveiled new chair and sofa designs by Michael Sodeau and Monica Förster. The products are now live at the VDF products fair, which has been developed as an affordable way for designers and brands to launch new products.

March Lite chair by Sir Kenneth Grange and SmithMatthias for Modus
New Modus products include the March Lite chair by Kenneth Grange and SmithMatthias (above) and Clara chair by Terri Pecor (top)

The new products include a number of additions to existing Modus collections. British designer Grange teamed up with London studio SmithMatthias to design the March Lite chair. It is a stripped-back version of their original March wooden stacking chair for Modus.

PearsonLloyd's new Draft seating collection, which comprises a pair of sofas and an armchair, is designed to complement the London studio's previous Draft coffee tables.

Modus also launched a more compact version of British designer Sodeau's Lily chair, called the Lily Compact chair, which resembles the head of a calla lily.

Panda sofa and armchair by Monica Förster for Modus
Modus also launched the Panda sofa by Monica Förster

Completely new collections include Swedish designer Monica Förster's Panda sofa, which pairs organic curves with a compact design.

Modus also unveiled American designer Terri Pecora's first product for the brand. Called Clara, it has been designed to be easily taken apart and repaired when necessary.

Other brands who have unveiled new designs at the VDF products fair include Danish brands Fritz Hansen and Ukranian design studio Faina. Danish brand Muuto launched a new collection earlier today.

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].