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Mush-Hues by Circular Union for VDF x Ventura Projects

Circular Union uses mushrooms to create eco-friendly Mush-Hues dyes

Circular Union is launching Mush-Hues, a range of mushroom-based wood and fabric dyes, for the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Exhibitor: Circular Union/Mariah Wright
Project title: Mush-Hues

Circular Union is a multidisciplinary collective based in New York and Maine with a focus on the development of sustainable design and materials.

Its latest design and research project is Mush-Hues, launching as part of VDF x Ventura Projects, which explores the use of mushrooms as eco-friendly dyes.

Mush-Hues features over 50 different mushroom-based colour treatments that can be used to dye wood and textiles in the form of "mushroom teas", with hues ranging soft yellows and greens to bright pinks and purples.

The dyes were created through extensive testing using a range of cooking and fermentation methods, and have been trialed by Circular Union using reclaimed pine-wood boards.

Main image is by Mariah Wright, thumbnail image is by Tim Clark.

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