PR____F by Ismay Schaduw for VDF x Ventura Projects

Ismay Schaduw designs PR____F bulletproof vests for women

Ismay Schaduw is presenting a collection of bulletproof vests designed for women during VDF x Ventura Projects to raise awareness of gender inequality.

Exhibitor: Ismay Schaduw
Project title: PR____F

Ismay Schaduw is an art director and designer based in Rotterdam, whose work focuses on the representation of culture, race, sexuality and gender.

Schaduw is presenting her project PR____F, a collection bullet proof vests designed specifically for women, as part of the VDF collaboration with Ventura Projects.

The project is a response to research into the gender data gap and its impact on the safety of women, which led her to discover that safety equipment rarely serves women the same comfort and protection as men.

PR____F therefore offers a collection of bullet proof vests suited to different female body types, and seeks to spotlight "how deep-rooted and critical the effect of the gender data gap can be".

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