Virtual Design Festival

Isac Elam Kaid homeware for VDF x Ventura Projects

Isac Elam Kaid uses discarded aluminium and paper to create homeware

Isac Elam Kaid uses waste material to create his Crushed Lamps and Pulp series, which are both launching at the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Exhibitor: Isac Elam Kaid
Project title: Crushed Lamps/Pulp Series

Isac Elam Kaid is an artist and designer based in Vancouver.

His latest collections, launching as part of VDF's collaboration with Ventura Projects, both make use of overlooked and discarded materials.

Crushed Lamps is a lighting range decorated by amorphous pieces of waste aluminium. The metal is manipulated and reshaped using chemicals, before being "frozen" in place with epoxy resin and chemical hardeners.

His second collection is named Pulp, and comprises furniture made from non-recyclable paper waste. The waste is transformed into pulp and dyed with ink, before being sculpted into the desired forms.

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