Virtual Design Festival

Kodai Shimizu's home appliances combine craft with technology

Kodai Shimizu is presenting Craft-Techmen Project, a series of hand-sewn home appliances, for the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Exhibitor: Kodai Shimizu
Project title: Craft-Techmen Project

Kodai Shimizu is a Japanese designer and Design Academy Eindhoven graduate. He is presenting one of his latest proposals, the Craft-Techmen Project, as part VDF x Ventura Projects.

Craft-Techmen Project is a series of home appliances, ranging from speakers to hairdryers, which combine craft and technology.

Each product relies on hand-sewn threads that are conductive and function as toggle switches. For example, the threads inside the speaker change volume, while they alter temperature on the hairdryer.

The project responds to the unsustainable trend of mass consumption, and increasingly complicated home appliances that must be discarded when they are broken. By using thread, each appliance is more easily dismantled and repaired.

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