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Design to Fade by Puma for Ventura Projects x VDF

Puma's Design to Fade collection is biodegradable and manufactured on demand

Puma is introducing Design to Fade, a biodegradable sportswear collection, as part of the VDF x Ventura Projects collaboration.

Exhibitor: Puma
Project title: Design to Fade

Puma is a multinational corporation, brand and third largest manufacturer of sportswear in the world.

The brand is introducing a collection of biodegradable sportswear, aptly named Design to Fade, as part of VDF's collaboration with Ventura Projects.

Developed with the support of biodesign specialists Streamateria and Living Colour, the collection features biodegradable clothing that is dyed using bacteria and can be manufactured on demand to reduce waste.

Puma hopes it spark shift in how sportswear is made, and in turn help "lead the way to a zero-waste future".

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