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Studio Natalie researching local materials for interiors projects after being stranded on coral island

In the most exotic VDF video message we received, interior designer Natalie Papageorgiadis explains how she found herself stranded in the Maldives as the world went into lockdown due to coronavirus.

Papageorgiadis is the founder of London-based interior design studio Studio Natalie and appears in the video with its managing director Stuart Trevor on an island in the Maldives.

"We've ended up stranded but it's a really beautiful island and it's virus-free," Trevor said. Papageorgiadis and Trevor came to the island for a project and, despite being stranded there, have continued their work.

"We're using our extended stay to research local materials like driftwood and coral that we've discovered in the local village," Papageorgiadis explained.

Papageorgiadis's video message also features in the VDF launch movie alongside contributions from 34 other architects, designers and artists in lockdown around the world, including Stefano GiovanniEs DevlinIni Archibong, and Bec Brittain. You can watch the full movie here.

She has previously designed several residential and hotel interiors including the Park Hyatt India Tower in Mumbai and the Hilton Hotel and Spa in Kyiv.

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