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"The pandemic is a handy excuse" to scrap Sidewalk Labs' smart city in Toronto say commenters

Readers are debating why the Alphabet subsidiary's plans for a waterfront smart city were abandoned and sharing their thoughts on other top stories in this week's comments update.

"Unprecedented economic uncertainty" caused by the coronavirus pandemic has been cited as the reason why  Sidewalk Labs has abandoned its plans to create a smart neighbourhood in Toronto.

"Good riddance to a large-scale data-harvesting wheeze"

But Dezeen commenters are unconvinced. "Best news during the pandemic thus far," said Troels Steenholdt Heiredal. "Good riddance to a large-scale data-harvesting wheeze," agreed Bunker Mentality.

"The pandemic is a handy excuse," added Tyrannosaurus Rek. "But opposition and concern about privacy was widespread."

"As this health crisis is just temporary I wonder if it is the right move to scrap a project that's basically a playground for research,"  countered Zea Newland. "This is a missed opportunity to show the world how a smart city can enhance life."

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Three Chimney House by T W Ryan Architecture
Three Chimney House by T W Ryan Architecture

Three Chimney House by T W Ryan Architecture is "an immense work"

Commenters are impressed by a house in Virginia designed by US studio T W Ryan Architecture to reference a modernist Mies van der Rohe residence and a neighbouring plantation.

"That's the most elegant new house to have come out of the States I have seen on Dezeen," said Thrum Hall 1986. "It feels very Nordic."

"Tour de force," added JZ. "An immense work for a young architect, and a client, and a builder."

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52 Lime Street – Scalpel skyscraper, City of London by KPF
The Scalpel skyscraper by KPF in the City of London

KPF's Scalpel skyscraper is "child's play on steroids"

Readers are debating London's skyline after architecture studio Kohn Pedersen Fox completed the Scalpel skyscraper alongside the Lloyd's building in the City of London.

"A new addition to London's list of weird and most awkward skyscrapers!" said Mr Architect. "Keep going London!"

"London's skyline is comically confusing," agreed Jack Woodburn. "Almost child's play on steroids."

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MuseumLab by Koning Eizenberg Architecture
MuseumLab by Koning Eizenberg Architecture

MuseumLab restoration of  Pittsburgh library is "freaking outstanding"

Koning Eizenberg Architecture has delighted commenters with its renovation of a lightning-struck library in Pittsburgh, USA, which has re-opened as a museum for children.

"Freaking outstanding," said Jay C. White Cloud. "Enthralling restoration, renovation, intervention and adaptation," agreed GeofBob.

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