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Speedster by Vello for VDF products fair

Speedster by Valentin Vodev for Vello

VDF products fair: Vello's ultra-light and foldable Speedster racing bike has been designed by Valentin Vodev for city dwellers who prefer a fast commute.

Speedster was developed by product designer Vodev for his bicycle brand Vello, which specialises in creating lightweight and foldable bikes for people living in urban environments.

The racing bike is aimed specifically at city dwellers with fast-paced lifestyles to offer them a quick commute.

It is distinguished by racing-bike handlebars and a matching saddle made from honey-brown leather, which are designed to provide the user with an aerodynamic riding position.

It also features narrow, high-pressure tyres, and a 10-speed gear system.

Product: Speedster
Brand: Vello
Designer: Valentin Vodev
Contact address: [email protected]

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].

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Speedster by Vello for VDF products fair
Speedster by Vello for VDF products fair