Virtual Design Festival

SuperTube drainage system by Gerberit

Geberit's latest sanitaryware products include high-rise drainage technology

A wastewater system called SuperTube designed specifically for high-rise buildings is one of three new products that Geberit is showcasing at the VDF products fair.

The Swiss manufacturer is also launching a new range of metallic finishes for its Sigma toilet actuator plates alongside its DuoFresh odour extraction unit for toilet cisterns.

All three products are now live at the VDF products fair, a platform that offers designers and brands an affordable way to launch or showcase products.

Actuator Plates by Geberit
Geberit is launching three collections at the VDF products fair including SuperTube (top) and metallic actuator plates (above)

SuperTube is a space-saving drainage technology designed by Geberit specifically for high-rise buildings. It relies on narrow pipes and a continuous column of air in its discharge channel to aid the flow of water.

This negates the need for bulky, angled pipes on which traditional systems are usually dependant, and in turn, helps to maximise floor area and ceiling heights.

DuoFresh by Geberit
The third product is the DuoFresh odour extraction unit module

The new range of metallic finishes for its Sigma50 and Sigma21 actuator plates, also known as flush plates, include red gold, brass and black chrome, which join the existing range of walnut, slate and concrete veneer finishes.

Users can select one material to cover the entire fixture or combine two different finishes for use on the plate and its buttons. The intention is to ensure the collection suits any bathroom interior.

The DuoFresh odour extraction unit module is the final product Geberit is presenting. Designed as an alternative to air fresheners, it automatically purifies bad odours through a filter concealed behind actuator plates.

Other brands who have unveiled new designs at the VDF products fair include the Ukranian design studio Faina and the Danish brands Fritz Hansen and Muuto.

Austrian brand Vello is also introducing three of its folding bicycles, including "the first bike to combine electric, self-charging and folding features".

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].