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L01 by Studio Eva Natasa

L01 chair by Eva Natasa

Dezeen Showroom: The wooden L01 chair by Indonesian brand Eva Natasa was designed in response to its founder's "need to sit properly".

L01 has been handcrafted by the Bali-based brand using high-strength, durable teak wood, fastened with solid brass fixtures.

It is distinguished by angular back posts and a pared-back form, and can be made with either a solid wood or natural rattan seat and backrest.

The design evolved following the brand's founder Eva Natasa's sabbatical, during which she lived without furniture for 11 months. This led her to require and develop a chair that would enable her to sit more suitably.

"The concept of L01 chair was born as a need to sit properly after Natasa's 11-month sabbatical period living in a house without furniture," explained the brand.

"This amplified the sensitivity to domestic space and dimension while raising the awareness of how a chair relates to, or even sometimes dictates, human body and mind."

L01 was crafted by Eva Natasa over a period of eight years and is a part of the Lula range of furniture, which is intended to be sustainable and long-lasting.

Product: L01
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L01 by Studio Eva Natasa
L01 by Studio Eva Natasa
L01 by Studio Eva Natasa