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L06 by Studio Eva Natasa

L06 coffee table by Eva Natasa

Dezeen Showroom: L06 is a low-rise wooden table by Eva Natasa that takes its cues from the Asian culture of floor dining.

Indonesian brand Eva Natasa designed L06 for use as a coffee table or to allow users to embrace the culture of floor dining in a contemporary setting.

Its size was developed to allow users to sit comfortably on the floor to dine, work or socialise, and allow several people to gather over food, coffee or games.

"Eva Natasa is intrigued by the early notion of seating in Asia and the mat-level furniture culture in which an actual chair is non-existent," said the brand.

"The low-rise table was usually present to accompany the non-existent chair."

L06 is made from teak wood, chosen for its durability and joined using brass fixtures. It is available unpainted, or with legs finished in colours ranging from white to dark dusky green.

It forms part of Eva Natasa's Lula range that is intended to be both sustainable and long-lasting.

Product: L06
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L06 by Studio Eva Natasa
L06 by Studio Eva Natasa
L06 by Studio Eva Natasa