L04 by Studio Eva Natasa

L04 table by Eva Natasa

Dezeen Showroom: Indonesian brand Eva Natasa has used teak wood to create the "elegant and versatile" L04 table, which is intended for both working and dining.

L04 is available in two sizes, each with the same minimalist form that can be simply assembled and dismantled by its user for ease of transportation and movement.

L04's simple form was the result of Eva Natasa's desire to highlight "the beauty and unique characteristic" of the teak wood from which it is made, while also ensuring it is suitable for use as a desk or dining table.

"L04 table was designed to create an elegant and versatile table that can be used as dining or working table, or both," explained the brand.

The table is part of Eva Natasa's Lula furniture range, which is made entirely from teak wood and intended to be both sustainable and long-lasting. Teak wood was chosen as it is durable and contains natural oils that make it resistant to timber termites and negate the need for a varnish finish.

"As with all the products in the collection, the simplicity of the design intends to highlight the beauty and unique characteristic of the conscious choice material," the brand said.

Product: L04
Designer: evanatasa.com
Contact address: [email protected]

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L04 by Studio Eva Natasa
L04 by Studio Eva Natasa
L04 by Studio Eva Natasa