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Social Factor by Milliken

Social Factor carpet tile collection by Milliken

Dezeen Showroom: Social Factor is a graphic carpet collection designed by Milliken to support physical distancing in the workplace in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The collection features carpet tiles with icons such as arrows and footsteps that can be used to define boundaries and direct traffic in an office to encourage social distancing.

Social Factor is available in five different tile styles, ranging from graffiti-like prints to striped panels, and can be easily inserted into an existing tile flooring layout.

The range was developed by Milliken in response to the "safety needs of the new workplace" that is emerging in many countries following the outbreak of coronavirus. It is also offering tiles with bespoke visuals tailored to specific workplaces.

"As the lockdown begins to ease in some countries, Milliken designers have taken up the profound challenge of creating an aesthetically pleasing floor covering collection to facilitate a safe return to work," explained the manufacturer.

"Social Factor floor tiles not only provide an effective way to design important new safety elements into the office layout, they also help promote a spirit of positivity and sense of security."

"The collection can be quickly and easily customised to meet the specific information requirements of each unique interior."

Milliken hopes Social Factor will also help improve employee wellbeing by offering an opportunity to introduce colour and pattern to a workspace. The tiles also feature Comfort Lite cushion backing that reduces muscle strain and helps to reduce noise.

Product: Social Factor
Brand: Milliken
Contact address: [email protected]

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