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Compact Appliance by KOVA

KOVA introduces Compact Appliance collection for small kitchens

Dezeen Showroom: Compact wall ovens, electric cookers and refrigerators feature in KOVA's new range of kitchen appliances suited to small living spaces.

The Compact Appliance collection also includes dishwashers, microwaves and vent hoods that all measure 24 inches in width and are designed to offer high quality at a low cost.

It has been developed by KOVA, a building products brand founded by Katerra last year, in response to increasing demand for small homes with efficient living spaces.

"The growing trend towards more efficient living spaces has opened up new opportunities for high-quality, fully functional appliances that fit a smaller footprint, and that is our goal with KOVA's compact appliances," explained KOVA's head of materials business, Trevor Schick.

"For KOVA, this line is another step toward providing the industry with beautifully designed materials that perform at a premium level and offer unparalleled value, particularly in the multifamily space and for consumers looking to downsize to a smaller home."

Highlights of the collection include stainless steel wall ovens with 2.47 cubic feet of cooking space, as well as a 24-inch freestanding refrigerator with a top freezer and an integrated panel-ready refrigerator.

Product: Compact Appliance collection
Brand: KOVA

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Compact Appliance by KOVA