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Curtain Table by Zeitraum

Curtain table by Läufer & Keichel for Zeitraum

Dezeen Showroom: Undulating legs characterise the solid wood Curtain table by Berlin-based studio Läufer & Keichel for furniture manufacturer Zeitraum.

The table's thin, wavy legs are carved from solid wood to evoke the waves of curtain drapes and support a large wooden tabletop.

Manufactured by German wood-furniture brand Zeitraum, the Curtain table is available with either a rectangular or a semicircular tabletop.

Users can also choose between an ash, walnut or oak finish, and a table length of up to four metres with a continuous wood grain.

"The Curtain table resembles a fleeting snapshot of a moment in time: static in contrast to an organically flowing movement," said Läufer and Keichel.

"Just like a sculpture, Curtain toys with our perception – the symbolism of the wave increases all the more as the material qualities of the solid wood fade into the background," it continued.

"This harmonic symbiosis of form and material comes as a surprise, but also allows us to see the entire table as a self-restrained composition – rhythmically, the 'curtains' create an atmosphere of floating serenity and inner calm."

Photography is by Nava Rapacchietta.

Product: Curtain table
Brand: Zeitraum
Designer: Läufer & Keichel

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Curtain Table by Zeitraum
Curtain Table by Zeitraum
Curtain Table by Zeitraum