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Tessera Earthscape by Forbo
Tessera Earthscape by Forbo

Tessera Earthscape carpet tiles by Forbo Flooring

Dezeen Showroom: UK flooring manufacturer Forbo Flooring has designed its Tessera Earthscape carpet tiles to emulate the natural textures of soil and rock.

By "bringing the outside in", Forbo Flooring hopes to tap into biophilic design principles and improve employee wellbeing in commercial offices.

The collection draws on colours taken from the great outdoors, including classic forest green alongside more unusual shades such as rust, terracotta and earth.

Light and dark shades within these colour families are combined to form nuanced patterns based on surface textures found in nature.

"These hues are all being introduced to help to build on this notion of 'bringing the outside in'," said the company. "As a result, patterns have followed suit with organic designs that are softer and more fluid, as shapes are becoming less defined."

Each tile measures 50 centimetres squared and is made of 57 per cent recycled materials.

The loop pile carpet features a plush, heavy pile weight of 978 grams-per-square-metre to imbue it with a sense of depth while allowing it to reduce impact sound by 26 decibels. This is crucial to facilitate focus and productivity in large, communal office spaces.

Product: Tessera Eathscape
Brand: Forbo Flooring
Contact address: [email protected]

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Tessera Earthscape by Forbo
Tessera Earthscape by Forbo
Tessera Earthscape by Forbo