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LE speakers by Braun Audio

LE speakers by Braun Audio

VDF products fair: Braun Audio presents its LE speakers, which feature an updated Dieter Rams design paired with new audio technology that creates a "panoramic sound stage" in the home, as part of today's VDF x Braun collaboration.

Sixty years on from its original conception, the range has resurrected Rams' minimalist chrome body and sleek L-shaped feet, while its sharp corners have been gently rounded off.

The design's dimensions are varied to create three progressively smaller products – from the more than half a metre long, rectangular LE01 to the boxy 17-by-17-centimetre LE03.

The pared-back exterior hides flat profile Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drive units, which the brand says are capable of creating "a non-directional, panoramic sound stage" that saturates the room.

Treble and bass can be fine-tuned using a corresponding app in order to customise the sound to its surroundings.

Each speaker in the trio can be used individually or paired with the others to amplify sound and synchronise it across different rooms.

To assuage the privacy concerns associated with integrated virtual assistants, the series also features a manual button that can be pressed to physically disconnect the Google Assistant microphones.

Products: LE01, LE02 and LE03
Brand: Braun Audio
Contact address: [email protected]

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LE speakers by Braun Audio
LE speakers by Braun Audio
LE speakers by Braun Audio