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Jacket 01 by Skarabeos

Jacket 01 by Skarabeos

The minimal unisex Jacket 01 is designed by Austrian design brand Skarabeos to defy trends and steer clear of fashion cycles.

Taking cues from Japanese aesthetics, it has a deliberately pared-back and timeless design to ensure it can be worn by generations.

Skarabeos has also designed the jacket to be as sustainable as possible, utilising eco-friendly materials and offering two detachable layers that can be worn together or separately throughout the year.

The inner layer, which provides warmth, is made from an Austrian wool called Loden, while the outer layer is made from 100 per cent recycled polyester and sewn to ensure it is fully waterproof.

Jacket 01 extends over the knee to provide complete rain protection even when sitting or cycling and is complete with both internal and external pockets, as well as a large drawstring hood with wool lining.

It is one of 15 designs being exhibited at Virtual Design Festival by, a platform that exists to promote contemporary design by designers from Austria. said the "Jacket 01 is a prime example of [Skarabeos'] message and design reasoning".

Design: Jacket 01
Designer: Skarabeos
Contact address: [email protected]
Instagram: @skarabeosofficial

VDF x is a non-profit organisation that promotes contemporary Austrian fashion design. Virtual Design Festival has teamed up with the organisation to present accessories and fashion designs by 15 designers who were born or are based in Austria and produce their products both sustainably and locally. Explore the other designs here.

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Jacket 01 by Skarabeos
Jacket 01 by Skarabeos
Jacket 01 by Skarabeos