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Vanity Vague ring by Petra Zimmermann

Vanity Vague ring by Petra Zimmermann

Austrian jewellery artist Petra Zimmermann has captured black silk fabric inside acrylic to create the outsized body of her Vanity Vague ring.

With its gold-coloured edges and chainmail-like detailing the design is reminiscent of a bygone era, like much of Zimmermann's work.

That's because her designs are generally based on found costume jewellery from the previous century, which is suspended in plastic to offset its historical opulence.

Most recently, Zimmermann has been variously reworking and subverting these references through the introduction of mass media images of models, design objects or architecture.

She is one of 15 designers being spotlighted at the Virtual Design Festival by –a platform championing designers who are born or based in Austria.

Images courtesy of Ornamentum Gallery.

Design: Vanity Vague
Brand: Petra Zimmermann
Contact address: [email protected]
Instagram: @petrazimmermannjewellery

VDF x is a non-profit organisation that promotes contemporary Austrian fashion design. Virtual Design Festival has teamed up with the organisation to present accessories and fashion designs by 15 designers who were born or are based in Austria and produce their products both sustainably and locally. Explore the other designs here.

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Vanity Vague ring by Petra Zimmermann