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Triglav Lederhosen boots by Matthias Winkler

Triglav Lederhosen boots by Matthias Winkler

Antique German leather trousers are reclaimed to form the upper of the Triglav Lederhosen shoes by Berlin designer Matthias Winkler.

The soft, sand-coloured leather bears the marks of its past, even when it is hand-stretched and moulded by Winkler to take on its new, modern shape.

Although the shoes' silhouette resembles that of a Chelsea boot, long rectangular flaps of the fabric are fixed to the centre to suggest its former life as a pair of trousers.

The soles are made from deadstock sole leather and painted manually before Winkler adds the finishing stitches by hand.

Repairing and repurposing are central concepts in the designer's work, which he sees as the only sustainable and responsible way to create new products.

Through the use of traditional and antique materials such as working gloves, as well as old-fashioned machinery, he aims to celebrate heritage from a contemporary viewpoint.

Winkler is one of 15 designers being spotlighted at the Virtual Design Festival by – a platform championing designers who are born or based in Austria.

Photography is by René Tornemann.

Design: Triglav Lederhosen
Brand: Matthias Winkler
Contact address: [email protected]
Instagram: @matthias___winkler

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