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Mourning Jewellery by Aeternum

Mourning Jewellery by Aeternum

Aeternum's range of Mourning jewellery is designed to offer people who are grieving a death "something to hold in times of sorrow".

Developed by Aeternum founder and Austrian artist Ninja Evangelista, the jewellery is intended to be worn by a person throughout their life, before becoming a sentimental heirloom for their family when they die.

The collection features a number of different pendants with highly embellished finishes, achieved by Evangelista through a combination of metalwork and cross-stitch techniques.

Mourning Jewellery is one of 15 designs being exhibited at Virtual Design Festival by, a platform that exists to promote work by designers from Austria.

"[Evangelista] creates sentimental jewellery and fashion artefacts out of her London studio, exploring the intersections between life and death, art, and identity," explained

"Evangelista creates pieces that become something to hold in times of sorrow, and her designs are meant to create a positive impact in the lives of people who need it the most."

Design: Mourning jewellery
Designer: Aeternum
Contact address: [email protected]
Instagram: @aeternum_jewel

VDF x is a non-profit organisation that promotes contemporary Austrian fashion design. Virtual Design Festival has teamed up with the organisation to present accessories and fashion designs by 15 designers who were born or are based in Austria and produce their products both sustainably and locally. Explore the other designs here.

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Mourning Jewellery by Aeternum
Mourning Jewellery by Aeternum