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Patricia Urquiola's Sonar bathroom collection for Laufen
Patricia Urquiola's designs for Laufen's Sonar collection

Laufen unveils designer bathroom collaborations at VDF products fair

Swiss bathroom brand Laufen presents three collections from designers Patricia Urquiola, Konstantin Grcic and Marcel Wanders at the Virtual Design Festival products fair.

Spanish designer Urquiola's designs for Laufen are gathered in the Sonar collection, featuring a freestanding bathtub and basin as well as WCs and vanity units.

Made using Laufen's SaphirKeramik ceramic, her pieces have a gently rippled exterior that was inspired by sound waves travelling through water.

"I liked the idea of using the little waves generated by sound," Urquiola said. "The texture on the outside of the washbasin bowls was modelled on these waves."

Val collection by Konstantin Gric for Laufen
Grcic's simple, streamlined washbasins for Laufen were made from SaphirKeramik

Grcic's washbasins for his flexible Val collection were also fabricated from SaphirKeramik. The material let the German designer create washbasins with fine walls and slender edge radii, suitable for bathrooms where space is at a premium.

Semi-dry shelves were added to make the most use of the space and Grcic also created a line of specially designed faucets.

The New Classic collection from Dutch designer Wanders hopes to bring a "poetic experience" into bathroom interiors and features tulip-shaped ceramic pieces.

Marcel Wanders' New Classic collection for Laufen
Tulip-shaped washbasins with curved rims feature in the New Classic collection

It includes a selection of basins, bathtubs and WCs, as well as accompanying furniture pieces with romantic flourishes.

All three collections are now viewable at the VDF products fair platform.

Other brands to feature at the fair include Herman Miller, which showcased five seating collections for the workplace, and Caesar Ceramics, which shone the spotlight on its latest surfacing collections.

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