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Plug & Light by Jung

Plug & Light by Jung

Dezeen Showroom: The flexible Plug & Light fixture by Jung features a magnetic LED that can be rotated, removed and replaced

Conceived as a modular system, the lighting comprises a wall- or ceiling-mounted frame, onto which a dimmable LED light source can be attached via a concealed magnet. Once attached, it can be swivelled 360-degrees for use as direct or atmospheric, indirect lighting.

Plug & Light is designed to offer flexibility in both residential and commercial spaces and available with two different LED light attachments: the LED spotlight and square LED wall luminaire. These are interchangeable and available in four different colour finishes.

"Plug & Light affords maximum flexibility when planning a reliable lighting design," said the German building-technology supplier.

"All that needs to be planned during construction is the position of the sockets and switches for the future light sources," it explained.

"A hotel reception area can be transformed into an exhibition hall simply by swapping pendant luminaires for spotlights. A worktable quickly becomes a cosy dining table when you change the luminaire insert."

Product: Plug & Light
Brand: Jung
Contact address: [email protected]

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