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G + I plug socket by Jung

G + I socket by Jung

Dezeen Showroom: German building-technology supplier Jung has developed the versatile G + I socket that is compatible with plug types from various geographies.

As its name suggests, it combines the British Type G plug with the Type I socket that is used in several countries including Australia, China and Argentina.

The G + I socket has been developed by Jung for hotels and restaurants, to allow people travelling between countries to use their devices without the need for an adapter.

It is available as either a single unit or combined with Jung's Schuko USB socket, which allows users to charge smartphones, tablets and smartwatches with a USB-A or USB-B connector too.

"With the G + I socket, Jung specifically meets the needs of international guests in hotels and restaurants as well as at airports or railway stations," said Jung.

"It covers the connection options of over a third of all countries worldwide," it continued. "In combination with a Schuko USB socket, it is even over 75 per cent."

Product: G + I socket
Brand: Jung
Contact address: [email protected]

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