Homo multifunctional wall sculpture by Grigory Gorkovenko

Homo multifunctional wall sculpture by Grigory Gorkovenko

Dezeen Showroom: More than 50 glass spheres and hemispheres make up the Homo wall sculpture by Russian designer Grigory Gorkovenko, which can function as a clock, light and vase.

The sprawling fixture, which can span up to three metres, is made up of individual, modular components that can be alternated to transform the piece into a chandelier, a vertical flower display, or a combination of the two.

The multi-coloured glass is fitted onto a metal skeleton to form a radiating shape around the central clock module, which features a ceramic face and hands.

Each of these elements was handmade by a team of sculptors, glassblowers and ceramicists over the course of six months.

Reminiscent of Russian avant-garde paintings, the piece's vibrant coloured surfaces bend and reflect the light to create the illusion of peering into a kaleidoscope.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the design's precarious assemblage of individual elements also serves as a wider metaphor, according to Gorkovenko.

"For me personally Homo is not a single person but a symbol of the whole of humanity," he said.

"Each of us alone is fragile and sensitive. But united we become a great power, which is able to face any challenge or crisis. That is the main homo sapien superpower and it's our hope for the future.”

Product: Homo
Designer:  Grigory Gorkovenko
Contact address: [email protected]
Instagram: @gorkovenko_design

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