Duo Series by Meteor Lighting

Duo Series by Meteor Lighting

VDF products fair: The Duo Series is a collection of minimalist pendant lights by Californian lighting manufacturer Meteor Lighting that glow from both ends.

The Californian company's ambition for the collection was to offer a minimalist range that would blend in with a room and provide direct and indirect lighting simultaneously.

Each unit combines a cylindrical pendant with a pared-back ceiling mount that doubles as its power supply. Connected via two discreet power lines, this negates the need for a traditional AC cable that can often have a negative visual impact.

The Duo Series pendants are available with a length of either 10 or 15 centimetres, and with a choice of five different colour finishes.

"The DUO is an elegant direct and indirect pendant that is solving the increasing need for indirect lighting in a variety of project applications," said Meteor Lighting.

"With more and more architectural designs focusing more on ceiling space, Meteor Lighting sought to develop a sleek fixture with perfect optics and high functionality."

Product: Duo Series
Brand: Meteor Lighting
Contact address: marketing@meteor-lighting.com

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Duo Series by Meteor Lighting