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LS 1912 by Jung

LS 1912 switch by Jung

Dezeen Showroom: LS 1912 is a toggle switch designed by German building-technology supplier Jung to pay homage to the company's past innovations.

LS 1912 is named after the year in which Jung was founded and first introduced the toggle switch, which offered an alternative to traditional rotary fixtures.

The product has a pared-back aesthetic and is designed to conceal any screws when it is fitted, with the only ornament being the toggle that is available in either a cylindrical, conical or cuboid form.

LS 1922 can be used in frame sizes ranging from a single fixture to a five-gang and comes in brass, stainless steel and aluminium. The chosen material is used to cover the entire fixture, offering a minimal finish.

"The toggle switch replaced the rotary switch at the end of the 1910s," said Jung. "Not only was the plain switch easier to operate, but for the first time it had an aesthetic element in addition to providing a function."

"The LS 1912 is designed such that the cover finishes flush with the frame, while the toggle is the only element to stand out as a stylistic feature."

Product: LS 1912
Brand: Jung
Contact address: [email protected]

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