Blum chair by Manel Molina for Expormim

Blum chair by Manel Molina for Expormim

VDF products fair: Blum is a dining chair by Manel Molina for Spanish furniture maker Expormim, which is at home in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Its aluminium frame is shaped using CNC-bending machines and welding robots to create a durable structure that can stand up to the elements.

The result is a single, curved sheet of metal, which is covered with weather-resistant textile to cocoon the user and form the back- and armrests.

The height and positioning is calibrated to offer ergonomic support despite the rigidity of the material, while a removable seat pillow adds extra comfort.

The colours of the chair's frame, upholstery and legs can be changed independently of each other to create a contrasting or tonal palette.

Product: Blum
Designer: Manel Molina
Brand: Expormim
Contact address:

Video: the Blum dining chair.

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