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Cerafine Vessel Basin by INAX

Cerafine Vessel Basin by INAX

Dezeen Showroom: Japanese brand INAX has released a sink with gentle curves and ultra-thin edges that takes its form from a Japanese sake cup.

Named Cerafine Vessel Basin, the ceramic sink forms part of INAX's S600 Line bathroom range, which aims to combine Japanese design with modern functional demands.

The basin has a curved shape that is a nod towards forms found in various Japanese designs including sake cups, Torii gates and Japanese swords.

"The modern design adopts gentle curves that resemble a Torii gate or a shrine or a blade of a Japanese sword," explained the brand.

"This simple curved line, called 'Sori', not only represents a strength and functionality but also embodies Japanese spirit and sensibilities such as serenity and quality."

Cerafine Vessel Basin has extremely thin edges that are very durable, as they are made using INAX's specially developed clay that maintains its strength and does not deform during firing. It is the result of three years research, during which INAX made more than 800 prototypes.

Forming part of INAX's light and shadow design concept, the basins are available in either black or white.

Product: Cerafine Vessel Basin
Designer: INAX
Contact address: [email protected]

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Cerafine Vessel Basin by INAX
Cerafine Vessel Basin by INAX
Cerafine Vessel Basin by INAX