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Chaise Tout Bois by Vitra

Vitra reissues Chaise Tout Bois by Jean Prouvé

Dezeen Showroom: Swiss furniture brand Vitra has reissued the Chaise Tout Bois chair, crafted by French architect Jean Prouvé in 1941 entirely from wood.

Chaise Tout Bois was developed as a result of the scarcity of metal during the second world war, which led Prouvé to search for alternative materials. It is the architect's only chair that relies solely on wood.

"A shortage of metal during the Second World War inspired Jean Prouvé's creative spirit: he developed his only chair to be made entirely from wood," said Vitra.

"Vitra is now reissuing this design from 1941, which matches the modern-day mindset, not just with regard to the choice of material but also in terms of inventiveness."

Chaise Tout Bois is available in light or dark stained oak, and, like the original model, built without any screws.

It is distinguished by the profile of its back legs and backrest support – developed by Prouvé for optimal strength and to bear the weight of the user's upper body.

"Prouvé created several prototypes of this chair during the war for the purpose of testing its structural strength as well as the joints, leg position and connection between the seat and back," explained Vitra.

"The profile of the rear frame section articulates his intention to provide added strength at the transition point between the seat and backrest, where the load weight of the human anatomy is greatest."

Product: Chaise Tout Bois
Designer: Jean Prouvé
Brand: Vitra
Contact address: [email protected]

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Chaise Tout Bois by Vitra
Chaise Tout Bois by Vitra
Chaise Tout Bois by Vitra
Chaise Tout Bois by Vitra