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Moca chair by Vitra

Moca chair by Jasper Morrison for Vitra

Dezeen Showroom: Moca is a deliberately simple and stackable chair designed by Jasper Morrison and Vitra as an "understated addition to any setting".

Moca is meant for use in both private and public spaces, and combines durable materials with a timeless aesthetic to ensure "an unusually long lifespan for the product", the Swiss furniture brand said.

It takes its cues from traditional bent tubular steel chairs, and was developed by Vitra and Morrison with the intention of making this model more ergonomic and stackable.

"Thinking of smaller cafes and bars, I realised that this typology of a plywood and tubular steel chair, originally from the 1950s and 1960s, created the right kind of atmosphere," explained British designer Morrison

"Most of the ones you see still in use have also aged very well," he continued. "So the goal of the project was to design a new chair with better ergonomics and the possibility of stacking."

Moca consists of two plywood shells, which form the anatomically-shaped seat and backrest, mounted on a base structure that is composed of two overlapping arches of steel. One of the arches forms the front legs before extending upwards to create a backrest support, while the second arch acts as the chair's back legs.

Moca is made with either natural or dark-oak veneer, while the base can be made with a chrome-plated or powder-coated matt enamel finish.

Product: Moca
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Brand: Vitra
Contact address: [email protected]

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Moca by Vitra
Moca by Vitra
Moca by Vitra