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Press Iced by Nendo for Lasvit

Press Iced light by Nendo for Lasvit

Dezeen Showroom: Nendo has updated its Press light for Czech brand Lasvit with a glass shade that appears broken into a thousand tiny pieces.

The design is rendered as a floor and pendant lamp featuring the same shape as the original light, which was launched in 2012. The light comprises a glass cylinder pressed together as if pinched around the base of a light source to hold it in place.

For the new version, the surface of the glass is accentuated through an internal, crackled texture created through three rounds of heating.

After each round of heating, the hand-blown tube is rolled in wet sawdust and then cooled in a bucket of water. While the moisture cracks the glass, the repeated re-heating seals the surface to create a smooth finish.

In a bid to minimise the use of natural resources, the sawdust used in the process is derived from wood offcuts from Lasvit's workshop.

Product: Press Iced
Designer: Nendo
Brand: Lasvit
Contact address: [email protected]

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Press Iced by Nendo for Lasvit
Press Iced by Nendo for Lasvit