Spacey by Lukáš Novák for Lasvit

Spacey light by Lukáš Novák for Lasvit

Dezeen Showroom: The Spacey pendant light by Czech designer Lukáš Novák for Lasvit sees three glass balls stacked on top of each other to resemble planets orbiting a central star.

The lowest hanging orb is rendered in milky white and holds the light source, while the other two are made from a type of marbled glass called lithyalin.

The material, which was invented by a chemist in the former European kingdom of Bohemia in 1828, is now being taken on by a new generation of Czech designers such as Novák.

Although originally designed to resemble gemstones, this iteration sees various blue and brown shades swirled together to suggest the surface of a planet seen from space.

"A sphere is the most perfect shape in the universe," said Novák. "I wanted to create a lighting design that pushes the limits of the sphere a bit further."

The three orbs are joined together by brass rings and topped off with a smaller, gold-coloured ball that connects the light to its sleek black fixture.

Spacey comes in two variations – Eclipse, which features a slightly darker palette of greys and greens, and Supermoon, which incorporates bright turquoise and beige.

Product: Spacey
Designer: Lukáš Novák
Brand: Lasvit
Contact address:

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Spacey by Lukáš Novák for Lasvit