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Volcano light by Lasvit

Volcano pendant lights by Maxim Velčovský for Lasvit

Dezeen Showroom: Maxim Velčovský designed the Volcano pendant lighting for Lasvit as a nod to the landscape that surrounds the brand's factory in the Czech Republic.

The ceiling lights are distinguished by hand-blown glass pendants with conical shapes modelled on geological formations close to the Lasvit glassworks, which were formed by historic volcanic activity.

Each pendant has a textured surface to mimic the lava flow from a volcano, while also diffracting light in interesting ways. This texture was informed by Velčovský's childhood memories of making mountain sculptures with crinkled paper.

"The shape itself looks like a model of a volcano as if it were created by a small child, who made it from crumpled paper and placed a lightbulb inside," said Velčovský, Lasvit's creative director.

"I wanted to create a symbol of the volcano – a pyramid shaped by means of crumpling and deforming sheets so that I might be able to create a specific surface structure which would diffract light," he added. "It is thus a little model volcano hailing from our volcanic lands which went extinct long ago."

Product: Volcano
Designer: Maxim Velčovský
Brand: Lasvit
Contact address: [email protected]

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Volcano light by Lasvit
Volcano light by Lasvit
Volcano light by Lasvit
Volcano light by Lasvit