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Crystal Rock by Lasvit

Crystal Rock table lamp by Arik Levy for Lasvit

Dezeen Showroom: Arik Levy has designed the Crystal Rock table lamp for Lasvit that takes its cues from the fictional crystalline material Kryptonite.

The glass table lamp is an extension of Czech lighting brand Lasvit's existing Crystal Rock collection, for which Levy has previously designed a pendant light and vase.

Like the other pieces in the collection, the Crystal Rock table lamp is modelled on the fictional rock Kryptonite that appears in Superman comics. It is crafted from glass in various colours.

Each Crystal Rock table lamp creates reflections and patterns of light around it, whether it is switched on or off, which Lasvit refers to as "a frozen shooting star".

"Designer Arik Levy became inspired by this fictional rock, and he set out to craft a magical stone out of glass," explained Lasvit.

"The lamp interacts between light and darkness, suspended in the air like a frozen shooting star. "It's as if the world stood still the moment you gaze upon it, its multiple reflections and deflections fascinating during the day and even more dynamic at night when lighted."

Product: Crystal Rock
Designer: Arik Levy
Brand: Lasvit
Contact address: [email protected]

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Crystal Rock by Lasvit
Crystal Rock by Lasvit
Crystal Rock by Lasvit
Crystal Rock by Lasvit