Prostoria nestles timber pavilion amongst leafy trees in Croatian forest

Dezeen promotion: as part of its Revisiting Analogue project, furniture brand Prostoria has constructed a house-like pavilion with "transparent walls" in a forest near its factory in Croatia.

The pavilion comprises a series of blocky timber "islands" dressed with furnishings by Prostoria.

Pieces have been arranged into living room-style setups, making each island appear as "its own home with transparent walls and roof".

It was created in collaboration with designers Numen/For Use and Simon Morasi Piperčić as part of Prostoria's Revisiting Analogue project, which combines architecture, design and film into an event for the local creatives.

Revisiting Analogue pavilion by Prostoria
A rust-coloured Absent sofa by Prostoria was displayed at the Revisiting Analogue event

The brand took the opportunity to host a physical event after lockdown measures due to the coronavirus pandemic were eased in Croatia.

"[The pavilion] has a digital flair but is analogue in its process and materials," said the brand.

"It addresses humanity's nostalgia for materiality and nature due to the constant shifts between analogue and digital – a kind of augmented reality in which the digital has impregnated our lives more than ever during the recent lockdown."

Revisiting Analogue pavilion by Prostoria
Prostoria's modular Layout sofa was also presented

Islands that make up the pavilion come in different forms – some are simple square blocks, while others are L-shaped or have upward-standing timber plinths that resemble walls. Some of the islands also overlap to form stepped-level areas.

The gridded format of the pavilion is designed to contrast with the "scattered array of trees and bushes" in the surrounding forest.

"This dialogue between geometry, nature and people provides a surreal setting for experiencing Prostoria's artefacts," explained the brand.

Revisiting Analogue pavilion by Prostoria
Guests at the event could also take a look at Prostoria's Polygon easy chairs. Photo by Petar Santini

One island is anchored by a huge rust-coloured sofa from Prostoria's Absent collection. The sofa is modular and has a relaxed shape that encourages users to adopt a position "between sitting and lying down".

A pale grey model of the brand's modular Layout sofa dominates an adjacent island. It's composed of a series of "seamlessly interconnected" seats and poufs, which can be broken down and positioned to suit different living spaces.

Revisiting Analogue pavilion by Prostoria
One island showed off a handful of the brand's Strain seats

Another island has been styled with sage-green versions of Prostoria's Polygon easy chair, which boasts a geometric steel-rod frame.

"Each change in perspective transforms the triangles that define the orthogonal side view of the easy chair, into hexagons and other complex polygons," added the brand.

Revisiting Analogue pavilion by Prostoria
Another island highlighted a tan-leather version of Prostoria's Kontrapunkt chaise longue

A handful of Prostoria's wide-backed Strain seats – which are meant to have comfy, armchair-like proportions – run along one island, while another features a single tan-leather chaise longue from the brand's Kontrapunkt range.

One island also spotlights Bavul – soft upholstered blocks that can easily be stacked and aligned to form bench seats or temporary beds.

Revisiting Analogue pavilion by Prostoria
The upholstered blocks in Prostoria's Bavul range were also on show

Guests at Prostoria's Revisiting Analogue event were able to mill amongst the furnishings and try them out.

"It's our attempt to digitally share the experience of materiality, through the forest room and products that embody nature-based materials and design," concluded the brand.

"All of this has a grounding effect and evokes inner comfort and stability."

To find out more about Prostoria and the products featured, visit its website.

Photography is by Doris Fatur unless stated otherwise. Video is by Rene Gallo.