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Pulp by 41zero42 for Parkside
Pulp is one of Parkside's latest collections on show at VDF products fair

Parkside launches three architectural tile collections at VDF products fair

Parkside is exhibiting three new collections of surface tiles at VDF products fair, including an iridescent series called Spectre and two ranges that take cues from the patterns of rocks.

All three Parkside collections, now viewable in detail at the VDF products fair platform, have been produced by Italian manufacturer 41zero42.

Pulp by 41zero42 for Parkside
The marble-effect Pulp tiles are one of two ranges that take cues from rocks

Pulp is a collection of marble-effect porcelain tiles modelled on Arabescato marble – a type of veiny rock that is quarried in Italy.

The tiles are intended for use across walls and floors and are available in five different shades that each "capture the rich luxury of marble", according to the brand.

Solo by 41zero42 at Parkside
Solo takes cues from ice crystal patterns found in Angolan granite

Another collection that is modelled on stone is Solo. The tiles have a pared-back finish that evokes the ice crystal patterns found in Angolan granite, a type of igneous rock found in southern Africa.

Solo is designed to offer users "understated style" and is available with the granite-effect in three different colours.

Spectre by 41zero42 for Parkside
The Spectre series is made up of iridescent tiles that create playful lighting effects

The final collection, Spectre, is a series of iridescent tiles that were developed as a playful investigation into how light reacts with different glazes.

It is available in four shades and with three options of finishes – a pearlescent "hologram" glaze, a matte glaze and a gloss finish – which are intended to be used alone or in random combinations to create different effects.

The VDF products fair is a platform at the Virtual Design Festival that exists to offer designers and brands an affordable way to exhibit their designs.

Other brands exhibiting their latest surfacing collections include Caesar Ceramics, Cupa Pizarras and Superflower.

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About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].