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MAM present UFO accessories collection at VDF products fair
When flattened, the UFO Basket Bag can even function as a home accessory

MAM presents UFO accessories collection at VDF products fair

Barcelona fashion and accessories brand MAM is showcasing a trio of raffia accessories at the VDF products fair, each of which can be adapted for different uses and occasions.

The UFO Basket Bag doubles up as a clutch and backpack, while the UFO Bracelet also works as a hair tie and the UFO Raffia Watch has different straps that can be exchanged to match different outfits.

The collection is tied together by its use of raffia – a woven, vegan fibre that is derived from the titular palm plant.

UFO Basket Bag designed by fashion brand MAM
The UFO basket bag can be worn three ways

"The inspiration behind the UFO Collection was to have fun summertime pieces you could truly wear your way," said MAM founders Jordi Enrique Albert and Anthya Tirado.

"All the pieces are made out of raffia, which gives them a Mediterranean look, and is the perfect summertime staple."

In the UFO Raffia Watch, the material is used to adorn two interchangeable straps, with one rendered in a classic sandy beige and the other in a darker caramel colour.

Its bright white, round face is enclosed in a frame made of bamboo wood and complemented by rose-gold hardware.

UFO Raffia Watch by MAM
Two different coloured straps can be fixed to the UFO Raffia Watch

The UFO Basket Bag, on the other hand, is entirely made from raffia and features a slouchy, dumpling-like shape with two rounded handles.

These can be worn over the shoulder, tucked away under the arm like an oversized clutch or with one arm looped through each strap like a rucksack.

The final product on show at the products fair is the UFO Bracelet, which consists of a flat, raffia disk with a hole at its centre and comes as a set of two.

Its simple, geometric shape, is designed to be genderless and can either be slipped onto the wrists or around a ponytail.

UFO Bracelet by MAM
The UFO bracelet can also be worn as a hair tie

The collection can be found over at the VDF products fair, which provides brands and designers with an affordable platform for launching new products.

So far, the fair has played host to brands including LensveltKvadratTom Dixon and Fritz Hansen.

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].