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ACAN calls on Foster + Partners to withdraw from Amaala airport project

"Foster + Partners withdrawing will not solve climate change" say commenters

In this week's comments update, readers are debating whether Foster + Partners should pull out of designing a controversial new private airport in Saudi Arabia and sharing their views on other top stories.

In a letter to Foster + Partners, climate activist group Architects Climate Action Network has called on the firm to pull out of its involvement with a new private airport in Saudi Arabia – or resign as a signatory of the Architects Declare movement.

ACAN said the architecture firm should withdraw its involvement with Amaala, a luxury resort on the Red Sea coast, where it is designing a private airport terminal and control tower.

"Maybe we should all just sit in a cave"

But commenters are divided. "Foster + Partners pulling out will not solve the problem," said Tommaso Calistri. "Some other firm will take the studio's place. If anything, governments should be asked to take action to limit developments or build them in a more sustainable way."

Bubba10 agreed: "Any new building is environmentally damaging. Maybe we should all just stay home and grow beans. Wait, that requires fertiliser, which is bad for the environment. Maybe we should all just sit in a cave. Wait, we will need fire to stay warm which is bad for the environment..."

"Just like many environmental protest groups, ACAN suffers from being able to protest but unable to provide workable solutions," continued Hello Peril. "It is clear that their intentions are good, but ultimately if one is looking for fundamental change one needs to be barking at the right tree – and that is by lobbying the government bodies who are able to have an influence on industries such as aviation."

Instablographer backed the letter though: "The last thing this planet needs is more airports. Bravo to ACAN."

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Msk by Petit Pli
Petit Pli makes expandable and reusable face mask from recycled plastic bottles

"I cannot believe I'm this excited about PPE" says commenter

Petit Pli has created the Beta(MSK) face mask from recycled plastic bottles in a bid to help protect its wearers from coronavirus. Readers can't get enough.

"This is gorgeous!" said JZ. "I cannot believe I'm this excited about PPE."

"Such a great alternative to traditional masks," added Florencia. "Sustainable, comfortable and way more stylish! Great job!"

You're A Star agreed: "So happy to see a sustainably produced version of face masks. So many are being used it's a concern about where they all end up."

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Ponti Design Studio creates driverless tram concept for Hong Kong post-Covid
Ponti Design Studio creates driverless tram concept for Hong Kong post-Covid

Social distancing tram "looks like a desktop PC on rails"

Readers are divided over Ponti Design Studio's concept for an autonomous double-decker tram meant to encourage Hong Kong residents to safely return to public transport after the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Looks like a desktop PC on rails!" said Jean Claude.

Roland Harmer agreed: "There is very little colour on the exterior, bizarre seating – people generally prefer to sit facing the direction of travel – hard to read route signs and no advertisements. It doesn’t look as though it belongs in a street."

Zea Newland disagreed: "This looks so cool."

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1471 Forest Knoll by Standard Architecture
Swimming pool cantilevers from Los Angeles residence by Standard Architecture

Los Angeles residence is "another Hollywood illusion"

Readers agree that a 10,000-square-foot property in the Hollywood Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles is expensive-looking, but some feel both it and its pool lack depth.

"Very nice ideas and an unlimited budget," observed Apsco Radiales. "Must be nice."

"'Architect: How many seating areas do you need in your new house?' This customer: 'Yes'," joked Salamoon.

"The Bojack pool appears to have no depth," concluded Bubba10. "Another Hollywood illusion."

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