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Form & Refine for Planted x Dezeen

Form & Refine makes homeware from sustainably sourced wood and clay

The Dezeen x Planted collaboration during this year's London Design Festival is highlighting Form & Refine, a Danish furniture brand that uses carefully sourced materials.

Founded in 2018 by Helle Herman Mortensen, Jonas Herman Pedersen and Lasse Lund Lauridsen, the furniture makers focus on making environmentally-friendly homeware.

Form & Refine for Planted x Dezeen
The brand uses oak from an island off the coast of Denmark

"We form and refine wholesome materials with a sustainable path, by carefully selecting pure materials from around the world and having these crafted nearby using skilled traditions," said the brand.

"Every product carries its own story of a material."

Form & Refine for Planted x Dezeen
Wool is sourced from Bolivian alpacas

Form & Refine sourced wood for two of its latest pieces from Damsbo Forest, an area of woodland that grows on the island of Funen in Denmark.

Called Position Bench and Master Dining Table, the items are made entirely of oak that is allowed to grow for between 80 to 120 years before being felled to make room for other species. The oak is cut in a Danish sawmill and air-dried for years before being turned into furniture.

Form & Refine for Planted x Dezeen
Form & Refine uses Portuguese clay and ceramic techniques

Form & Refine's ceramics are made in Portugal using centuries-old pottery techniques and clay sourced from the Alcobaça region.

Textiles are made with wool from Bolivia by a cooperative owned by 400 alpaca farmers and knitters.

"All these stories of great materials we want to pass out through an exceptional design philosophy that stands the test of time," they said.

Dezeen x Planted

Exhibitor: Form & Refine

Planted is a contemporary design event, which aims to reconnect cities with nature and will make its physical debut as part of London Design Festival alongside an online trailer for next year's main event.

The Planted x Dezeen collaboration presents a series of projects by international designers that align with the ideals of the Planted design event.