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Design Trust hosts live relay talk featuring participants of its Critically Homemade exhibition

Twenty architects and designers showcased designs they made at home during lockdown for the Design Trust's Critically Homemade exhibition in a live talk moderated by Aric Chen and Design Trust co-founder Marisa Yiu.

The exclusive live talk showcased a selection of the 70 objects created in response to a challenge set by Design Trust, a charity that enables creative projects in and around Hong Kong.

Portrait of Marisa Yiu
Design Trust co-founder Marisa Yiu will moderate the live talk

The initiative, called Design Trust: Critically Homemade, invited creatives around the world to design and prototype a 20cm x 20cm object that addressed social and environmental issues arising from the pandemic while they were stuck at home during lockdown.

Over 130 architects and designers including Michael Young and People's Architecture Office submitted prototypes, which are on show at an exhibition at Soho House in Hong Kong until 4 October.

Portrait of Aric Chen
Curator Aric Chen will chair the discussion with Yiu

Young presented his prototype antibacterial door handles during the talk, while Anouchka van Driel of People’s Architecture Office presented the studio's The Learning house activity kit for kids.

They were joined by 18 other designers from around the world in the relay discussion moderated by curators Chen and Yiu, presenting designs including a therapeutic metronome, a series of miniature moveable rock sculptures and a concrete jump rope will feature in the live discussion.

Here is the full list of designers that took took part:

› Elaine Yan Ling Ng, Fabrick Lab
› Xavier Tsang, BeCandle in collaboration with Ground Rule Studio
› Julie Progin and Jesse Mc Lin, Julie & Jesse
› Joel Austin and Queenie Li, Proxy Studio
Adam Hudec
Michael Young
› Chi Yan Chan, Collective
› Sarah Lee, Sky Yutaka
› Clara Brito, Lines Lab
› Soilworm Lai, Stickyline
› Nikolas Ettel, Lidia Ratoi and Annie Lye, University of Hong Kong
› Frédéric Gooris, Studio Gooris
UUendy Lau
Natasza Minasiewicz
› Manuel Correa da Silva, Lines Lab
› Shuyan Chan, Kevin Siu and Bob Pang, AaaM Architects
› Aron Tsang, NAPP Studio
› Anouchka van Driel, People’s Architecture Office

Dezeen is a media partner for the Design Trust: Critically Homemade exhibition.