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Touchless technology from Geberit pushes the boundaries for hotel washrooms

Dezeen promotion: Geberit's state-of-the-art technology, including touch-free flush plates and toilets with user recognition, can help architects design next-level bathrooms for hotels.

Swiss company Geberit specialises in sanitaryware and is consistently developing new technology to help designers create wash-spaces and bathroom facilities that are relaxing, hygienic and acoustically optimised "sanctuaries".

"In our 'always-on' world it's important that we're mindful to choose products that improve our quality of life, rather than add to the often-overwhelming bombardment from technology," said Geberit.

The Geberit ONE range from the company's newly named Aspire Collection allows everything from the bathroom cabinet to the basin trap to be integrated into the pre-wall, to offer a minimalist aesthetic and easy access for cleaning.

Top: basin from the Geberit ONE range. Above: technology can help designers create ideal wash-spaces for hotels

Geberit's AquaClean shower toilets aim to enhance wellbeing at the touch of a button, and its integrated spray function provides users with a "fresh-out-of-the-shower" feeling.

According to Geberit, high-tech toilets such as this are well suited to hotel guestrooms, as designers can use them to create enhanced experiences for the guests.

"From odour extraction and built-in orientation lighting to a warm air dryer and user recognition, each feature has been carefully designed to improve the user's experience and ultimately increase their personal wellbeing," said Geberit.

A wall-mounted remote panel also enables shower toilets in hotels to be easily adjusted to individual user profiles, while the Geberit Service App allows housekeeping and engineering teams to read out reports on site from the electronic control of the shower toilets.

Geberit touches flushes
Touchless flushes are a more hygienic option

While these types of hygiene solutions are sought after more now than ever in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Geberit predicted the demand for tech-focused washroom solutions prior to this year's events.

"Even before Covid-19 thrust hygiene to the fore of society, Geberit was seeing the growth of infra-red and touchless technology in bathroom design," said the Swiss bathroom experts.

"Geberit's Brenta and Piave range of taps, which are activated by infra-red sensors, remove the need for handles that have to be turned or twisted," added Geberit.

"Our Sigma80 and Sigma10 flush plates also use the same technology to flush automatically, removing another potential infection point."

Geberit taps
Geberit's taps are activated by infra-red sensors

More simple product innovations like the KeraTect Glaze non-porous surface coating makes cleaning easier and helps prevent staining of bathroom ceramics while creating a high-gloss effect.

Additionally, the Geberit ONE pre-wall system is a useful design solution for architects looking to create washrooms that maximise space while still looking sleek.

The system integrates sanitary technology behind the wall to generate more space and additional storage, which in turn provides a clean and tidy space for hotels to place toiletries and fresh towels without cluttering the bathroom space or impacting on the design.

"In conventional bathroom construction, the wall is seen as a border with the ceramic sanitary appliance in front and the installation technology behind," explained Geberit.

"In contrast, Geberit ONE follows a different approach. A pure pre-wall construction, it integrates sanitary technology behind the wall to generate more space and additional storage. The wall becomes an integral part of the washbasin, a practical niche in the shower or a cabinet behind the mirror."

All of the brand's products and technological innovations are tested to exacting standards.

"Flushing systems and taps, for example, are subjected to continuous operation," said Geberit. "Flush, refill, flush, refill – and this at least 200,000 times. This enables Geberit to simulate up to 50 years of product use in three months."

More information on Geberit's tech-led bathroom and washroom solutions can be found on its website.

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