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Thailand's government launches Thai Style Solutions campaign to showcase country's creatives

Thailand's government launches Thai Style Solutions campaign to showcase country's creatives

Dezeen promotion: the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) in Thailand has launched an international campaign to showcase the country's products and brands.

Organised by the Thai government's DITP and Ministry of Commerce, Thai Style Solutions is an initiative that aims to highlight the country's creative capacity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

"The Covid-19 outbreak has caused global economic stagnation and supply chain disruption on a never-before-seen scale," said Somdet Susomboon, director general of DITP.

Thai Style Solutions campaign
The Thai government has launched the Thai Style Solutions initiative

"At the same time, environmental problems have accelerated. The path to recovery is therefore different. The growth strategy for the future will not be the same as the pre-Covid world," he continued.

"Now the world is facing multidimensional crises. But there is always a solution to every problem, and Thai Style Solutions could be a future-proof model for those who are looking for new ways to create a better life in these challenging times."

The initiative aims to reconnect local craft businesses in Thailand with global markets by demonstrating how Thai designers are working creatively and adapting to the needs of the post-coronavirus world.

The products from 47 designers and brands that are being promoted demonstrate how the country's designers are responding to the current crisis in five ways: Creative Solutions, Design Solutions, Growth Solutions, Green Solutions and Art Solutions.

Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn's Sexy Chair features in the Creative Solutions section

Brands that demonstrate Creative Solutions showcase the designers' ability to adapt in creative ways.

"Equipped with Thai-styled design flair and high-quality yet flexible manufacturing capacity that can create products in a very short period of time, Thai designers can go beyond boundaries to express their creativity through unique products that can meet today's fast-changing demands," said the initiative's organisers.

Examples include Thai designer Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn, who took inspiration from corsets and high heels when creating the Sexy Chair using seatbelt scraps. The chair was featured in the 2012 film The Hunger Games.

Other designers include Srinlim, 5ive Sis, Lamunlamai and Ek Thongprasert.

Korakot Aromdee's work is included in the showcase, like this Bamboo Polkadot Armchair

Brands demonstrating Design Solutions include textile manufacturer Pasaya, which features face masks with antimicrobial silk fabric in its collection, and Thai designer Korakot Aromdee who works to empower local communities through design, craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

These designs, according to the organisers, "keep the balance between innovation and human touch – something that is needed more during the pandemic."

THINKK Studio's products are included in the showcase

Design organisations that show Growth Solutions make crafts for a global supply chain, which in turn creates local jobs, include THINKK Studio, Patapian and Plural Designs.

Meanwhile makers with a focus on sustainability have been included to showcase the country's Green Solutions. These include PiN Metal Art – a studio that turns discarded industrial metal waste into Thai-inspired metal chandeliers.

"When combining Thai designers' ability to think out of the box with environmentally-friendly practices, the results are innovative green solutions, from advanced bamboo materials to upcycling furniture and recycled textile," said the initiative's organisers.

Designers in the Green Solutions category experiment with local and recycled materials

The final area being showcased is Art Solutions, which aims to demonstrate the emergence of Thai artists on the global stage. This includes Tithi Kutchamuch, whose work is designed to provoke fresh perspectives and "shake up consumers' expectations".

Other designers in this category are Ease Studio, Anon Pairot, Sarran Youkongdee, Masaya, Sumphat Gallery and Benjametha.

Find out more about all of the brands being showcased as part of the Thai Style Solutions initiative on its website.

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